Critter Removal and Control

Critters are typically a nuisance to any homeowner or business. Critter removal and control is something that BatPro is an expert at doing.

Whether you have bats, raccoons, squirrels, or any other critter or pest, we can help you determine the best way to remove them, safely, effectively and especially humanely. Below we list a few critters and why it is important to have them removed quickly and efficiently.

  • Bats are great for mosquito control until they decide to enter your home for warmth and darkness. Their bat droppings can lead to critical respiratory problems.
  • Raccoons love a dry and safe place to live. Attics are the perfect place for them to call their home, especially for the females when ready to give birth. They avoid predators and protect themselves from the harsh weather. Raccoons can leave feces and urine behind. Because raccoons are known to be destructive by nature, they can mess up insulation, tear air ducts and chew wires.
  • Squirrels traditionally build nests in the cavities of trees and feed on the nuts they produce, however; they often make our attics their home. It can become their ideal nesting location so they can remain dry and warm during cold, harsh weather. Their powerful teeth enable them to chew through wood, aluminum, and plastic which allows them to enter the home. Once inside they can cause severe damage by chewing electrical wires and wooden beams. Their chewing and scratching can cause an annoying sound and their droppings will leave an unbearable smell.




critter removal for raccoons

Need Help?

The BatPro team is here to help you get rid of these critters. After they are gone for good, we can provide property restoration services. We repair the damage the critters may have done to your residential or commercial building. We repair roofs, attics, chimneys, gutters, siding, flashing and more.

Along with our courteous and friendly team, The BatPro brings years of experience, knowledge, and expertise to the job.

For critter removal and control in Michigan contact BatPro® today. Use our quick and easy online form or give us a call at 616-894-0699 to get an estimate.

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