Many people who don’t live in Michigan think Michigan is really a suburb of Detroit. Nothing could be further from the truth. While many people think Michigan is one big urban jungle, the majority of Michiganders live in suburban or rural areas. One-quarter of Michiganders live in rural areas alone. No matter where you live in Michigan, wildlife damage will plague your home and property. Don’t want animals to wreak havoc on your home, farm or property? You may want to think about checking for animal damage. We can help you find it, repair it, and prevent it from happening again.


How Can Animals Cause Damage?

No matter what you think, animals are not in the business of hurting your property because they can. They damage your home or property because you have something they need. Maybe an animal comes into your attic because it’s warm and there’s food. Your attic might be easy to get into through a window, vent, or chimney. Animals might also make it into your house because your area has had more rain than normal. Your area might also have had a sudden freeze with inches of snow.

Once the animal is in your house, it looks for food and shelter. This means there are areas of your house that it will probably damage. For example, animals get into the attic and damage the insulation. Animals cause damage through their droppings, and they move the insulation around to make nests.


Cleaning out Attics and restoration

How Can I Stop Animal Damage from Happening in My Attic?

Research has shown most animals enter homes through attics. Before you do anything else, you need to prepare for the possibility that animals might be getting into your attic. If you block entrance points to your house, the animals will have a more difficult time getting in.

You can work on blocking entrances to your house in several ways. First, you can make sure your house has no holes, cracks or open windows. You also need to check your chimney for cracks on the chimney itself, or around its base. Make sure you trim your bushes and trees as well. Animals use them to climb into your house and up into the attic.

Also, are you attracting animals to your house through your food storage? Make sure you put the lid tightly on any trash can. If you have bird seed around, make sure you keep it in animal-proof containers. That way, it won’t tempt animals that are passing through to stay.

How Do You Repair the Damage?

After you have prevented the animals from getting into your attic, you need to repair the damage. You must also keep them from returning. You may feel you can fix the damage yourself but it is not recommended. For example, if an animal got into the attic, you can take up the old, used insulation and replace it with new insulation. If you decide to do the repair yourself you must be cautious that wild animals do carry diseases. The feces and urine they leave buried behind can be unsafe to human health.

If you notice you have animal damage, why not contact BatPro? We offer attic clean-outs and restoration. That means we clean up animal waste for you and replace your insulation. This service will leave your attic clean and sparkling, with no trace of animal habitation. Once we have cleaned your attic, we can also make sure the offending animal doesn’t return. We provide attic capping. Attic capping means we add insulation over your existing insulation to increase your R-value. R-values mean the more insulation you have, the better protection your home has from the cold.

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