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BatPro® Animal Control LLC is a locally owned and family operated wildlife animal control company, located in Central / West Michigan.  We specialize in bat colony removals and bat colony proofing of your structure whether it is residential or commercial.  We constantly stay technologically up to date with the latest bat removal methods and continuously train to provide the best possible bat problem and bat pest control solutions for our client base.  We work with the owner as a team, enabling us to ensure the safety of everyone, while resolving any bat pest infestation issue you may have.

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Thank you for everything your team has done for us!  David and I had no idea how bad our bat infestation was until your thorough inspection showed otherwise.  We were wondering what the stains and dripping was coming from in our bedroom.  David thought it was nothing big, but we are so glad I called you!

Rockford, MI Guano piled up in roof.

Janis and David - Rockford, MI

We are so glad you were able to drop everything and expedite your professionalism and get rid of these bats.  Two other companies made attempts to bat proof our facility, but both were unsuccessful.  As you pointed out, the other companies used black foam to seal up bat entry points and it didn’t hold up.  The bats got back in again.  Your ability to find other bat entry points that no one else found is just plain amazing.

Hospital Maintenance Personal - Greenville, MI

We fought and fought with these bats for many years.  Other companies would decline to work on our lodge, saying “it was impossible to bat proof!”  We didn’t realize that much work goes into bat proofing a structure, your patience and tediousness to detail is top notch.   From all of us, we want to thank team BatPro® for taking on our challenging log structure.  I will recommend BatPro® to everyone I know.   Thanks again.  Bob.

Robert - Lodge Grounds Supervisor