Racoon Removal and Management

Raccoons are not pets and raccoon removal is needed whenever you find them living in your structure.  Why? Female Raccoons looking for an entry point and den location to give birth to their cubs are very destructive to the inside of your home.  They will damage the insulation in your attic compressing it by walking on it and reducing the R-value, along with forming latrines, causing piles of feces and urine to accumulate on insulation and drywall.  Raccoon feces could contain raccoon roundworm, which can be potentially fatal to your family’s health.

Raccoons living in your wall cavities or attic are known to destroy ductwork, electrical wiring, and much more.  Raccoons can gain access to a home by climbing up deck posts, siding corners, gutter downspouts, or trees adjacent to the house and will break into soffits or will travel down the chimney to get inside.

Raccoons have nimble hands that are strong enough to get into any structure anytime.  They have the ability to remove soffits, shingles, siding, or whatever else they can to force entry into your home.  If necessary, we can provide habitat modification services such as minor tree trimming to help take care of your critter problems.

Once the female Raccoon gives birth to her cubs inside the home, they will grow and develop into adults.  If the problem persists, it could potentially leave you with 5-6 raccoon adults living inside of your home.

Raccoon Removal

BatPro® services will include an initial inspection to evaluate and determine how and why the Raccoons are gaining entry to your home.  From the assessment, we will develop a plan of action to remove the unwanted critters and verify that no others are using the structure.  As a team of licensed builders who specialize in critter proofing structures, we will make the necessary repairs to help keep the Raccoons out of your home.

Taking care of Raccoons the right way can help you manage the problem for the long term.  Call us today at 888-722-8776 or use our contact form so we can help!

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