Exterminate Bats

Exterminate Bats

If you are thinking about exterminating bats at your house, in your  business or other building, think again.  Bats are good for the environment. They are protected by federal and state laws.

You can get rid of bats and you don’t have to exterminate them to do it. At BatPro, we know from extensive experience how best to remove bats safely and humanely.

Hiring an exterminator or “doing it yourself” may seem like the simple, very direct solution. Consider these thoughts before attempting any exterminating:

  • It is inhumane and better options exist – like exclusion
  • Will it ultimately fail because the roost is still available for bats.
  • Chemicals that can kill bats are also just as hazardous to humans and there are no chemicals licenses for use on bats in the U.S.  Any company proposing to do so should have their practices questioned.
  • Some services will offer to catch and release bats far away, but bats have been proven to return from up to 400 miles away; a few weeks later they will be back
  • Sealing the structure while providing an alternate roost (like a bat box) is the permanent solution

Regardless of your bat situation,  we can help and determine the best solution for you based on what we find.  Call us today at 888-722-8776