We Don't Exterminate

Not only are bats good for the environment, but they are also legally protected on state and federal levels. That’s why we remove them from your house with a humane approach called “Bat exclusion.”

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Bats help fight the beetle and moth population. If you enjoy the outdoors, it may be best to ditch the mosquitos and keep the bats outside your home. 

How It's Done

At BatPro®, we value bats and what they offer our ecosystem. That’s why we don’t kill bats but exclude them from your home so they cannot return. This is done by fixing the structure of your home to keep bats out.

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We believe in humane bat exclusion. This means that we only fix the structure of your home during non-maternal seasons to ensure bat pups will not be abandoned. This helps bats to stay away and keeps your home clean and safe.

The Point of No Return

We understand that when bats leave your home, you want them gone for good. We use a system known as “bat exclusion” to rid your home of bats and keep it that way.

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Bats need a place to raise their young, and your attic may closely resemble a cave.  They can enter into a hole in your house as small as a peanut. Like many good things in life, our process takes time. “Bat exclusion” allows the bats in your home or business to leave without giving them a way back in. 

Why hire a professional?

Removing bats on your own can prove to be a dangerous task. Many bats carry disease, and their droppings can lead to respiratory illness. It’s a high risk to attempt to remove a bat colony without professional help and they are likely to return within a week.



Bat Guano

This is another word for bat urine or feces. Guano is typically shiny and is found near the bat nest.


Bat Sighting

If you see a bat inside of your home, there’s a good chance you have an infestation.


Dark Holes in or Around Your House

When bats enter your home, they often squeeze through small holes. The oil on their fur stains the space they’ve entered through leaving behind black and brown marks.


Bat Sounds

If you hear scratching or squeaking noises in your home at night, you could be living with bats. Check out our recordings on the right for 3 Common Michigan Bat Breeds and their sounds.


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worry less

Are you concerned that once your unwanted guests are gone that they will be back within a week? We are a licensed Michigan builder and can fully restore and protect your home from pests, wildlife, and other undesired Critters.


Michigan Builders License #2102200348


Michigan Wildlife Permit No. GC-167


BBM Trained Bat Excluder

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be home for you to do the work?

Our work primarily takes place on the outside of the structure, typically not requiring for you to be home.

Do you guarantee your work?

Absolutely our work is guaranteed.

What kind of payments methods do you take?

We take cash, check, visa, and mastercard.

What problems do I have when I hear scratching noises?

It’s nearly impossible to properly identify what animal you have invading your space over the phone or by just a scratching noise.  We prefer to do a complete home inspection to properly identify what animal you’re dealing with and determine how it gained access to your house or building.

  • If you are hearing some light scratching/chewing on your wall/ceiling any time of the day/night that sounds like you are scratching the wall with your fingernail and if you tap on the wall/ceiling and the activity ceases for a short period of time and begins again, this is typically mouse activity.
  • If there are scratching/scampering or rolling noises in your attic in the morning or early evening, and there are no noise like this at night, this is typically squirrel activity.
  • If there are footsteps and heavy rolling in your attic and you hear possible “chirping bird” sounds and we are in April-June, this is typically racoons.
How soon can you get here?

The sooner you call to setup a inspection, the sooner we are able to commence work.

What areas do you currently service?

We mainly operate in Western Michigan.  We will cover as north as Cadillac.  We handle the Michigan Lakeshore (Ludington, Muskegon, Grand Haven) and South to Jension, Hudsonville, and Zeeland/Holland.  We go East to service Mt Pleasant, Lansing, Alma, St Johns.  And we cover all of Grand Rapids and surrounding Areas.