Here are the recommended Do’s and Don’ts to achieve Bat Control in Michigan

We HIGHLY recommend you utilize a professional for your bat control and bat removal and prevention needs, but here are some helpful things to know about the process for effective bat control in Michigan. Bat Control in Michigan


  • The best season to get rid of bats is from April 15th until May 25th and Aug 1st until Oct 15th to evict bats from colonizing your home.
  • After the bat exclusion has taken place, pay close attention to all garage doors being left open, entry doors, windows and ect. as bats will work hard to re-enter your home.
  • Majority of the time bats will enter up high into your attic space. Bats will find and follow electrical, plumbing and/or mechanical chases into the basement ares of the structure. The bats will fly up the basement stairwell into the main level of the home.
  • To avoid the re-entry of bats into house after the bat exclusion make sure the frames of window screens are intact.
  • If you install a window mounted air conditioning unit, make sure all areas are completely sealed around the window unit.


  • Don’t try to handle bats.   Bats tend to bite and thereafter you maybe at risk for virus and disease transmission.
  • Since it can take up to 4-5 nights for the entire colony of bats to leave your structure at night.   Never assume it is safe to seal off the bat entry points at night.
  • You will end up trapping bats on the inside of the home as only about 80% of the bat colony will leave the roost per night.
  • There is no registered EPA approved pesticides and bat poisons to evacuate bats from your house.
  • Moth balls will create health problems for your family.   Absolutely nothing will happen to remove the bats out of your home.
  •  Ultrasonic pest control devices are completely ineffective in deterring bats from your structure.
  •  Never assume the bats leave your home for the winter.  Majority of the time bats will burrow themselves under the attic insulation and wall cavities.
  • If you plug the bat entry holes on the outside you will trap the colony of hibernating bats on the inside of your home.
  • Dead rotting bats trapped on the inside of your home are hard to find may pose noticeable health problems.  The smell from rotting dead bat is a nightmare for all!

If you think you have a bat problem or want to take preventative action to keep bats from coming to or back to your house or buildings, please contact us or call 616-894-0699