Michigan Wildlife Removal & Control Services

Michigan Wildlife Removal & Control Services

Michigan is full of beauty. The state borders four of the largest lakes in the country — the Great Lakes. There are also millions of acres of forest. People visit Michigan for its natural beauty. In fact, very few states have what Michigan can offer in terms of natural wonders.

While Michigan has tons of natural beauty, many people don’t think of bats and other nuisance wildlife as being beautiful. If you are having issues with wildlife in Central or West Michigan, we have some information for you. You can have your nuisance wildlife problems taken care of with our wildlife removal services.

Wildlife Pest Control

There are several species of wildlife you may need to control in Michigan. First, depending on the season, you may find raccoons or squirrels in your house’s attic or around your trash.


Raccoons are primarily a problem because of the diseases they carry. They also can create a mess in your attic, chimney, basement or yard. Raccoons are also sometimes a threat to pets. However, Michigan state law does not permit the removal of raccoons without a permit. That is why it is necessary to contact wildlife control services. Most wildlife control services will trap and remove the raccoons.

Your choice to remove the raccoon should be BatPro. A company’s representative will do a full assessment of your dwelling and, then, remove any raccoons. We will also guarantee the critters can’t return.


There are four kinds of squirrels in Michigan: red squirrels, gray squirrels, flying squirrels, and fox squirrels. Squirrels look at homes as a source of warmth and storage space for food. The rodents enter your home through doors or cracks in the roof or foundation. We can look for the places where squirrels enter and get rid of them. Then, we will close any openings in your siding, vents in your roof, or your chimney.

Bat Pro Wildlife and Pest Control in Michigan
Removing possum


There’s a reason we named the business BatPro. We have a long history removing bats. Bats are one of the largest species of mammals in the world. Experts believe that at least a quarter of all the mammals in the world are bats. That means that there may be as many as 1,200 species of bats.

All bat species have things in common. All are able to fly. They are also nocturnal, which means they sleep during the day, and are active at night. Bats tend to gather in groups. Michigan has nine species of bats. However, only three pose any danger to homes: the Little Brown Bat, the Big Brown Bat, and the Evening Bat. Bats are a problem in buildings because they can carry diseases and damage buildings or homes.

We want to remove bats from your property. However, we do not kill them. It is actually against the law to kill bats. However, we can help you get rid of them humanely and safely. We can also make sure they do not come back. We recognize the best way to prevent bat infestations is to ensure they don’t enter dwellings in the first place. We can help you make sure the bats stay outside, which is where they belong.

In Need Of Help?

If you are having problems with bats, squirrels or other unwanted critters, contact BatPro. BatPro serves Central/West Michigan. Let us come out and talk to you about the best way to remove these pesky critters from your property. We can help you prevent them from bothering you again. That way, you will not have to worry about disease or damage to your home.

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